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Chief and Council Technician

Paul First Nation General Election for Chief and 5 Council Members was held November 2, 2018, for a four year term commencing November 3, 2018 to November 3, 2022. The newly elected members are:

  • Executive Director:
  • Steven Kulmatycki

For more information contact us at:

  • Chief & Council Technician
  • Telephone: (780) 892-2691
  • Fax: (780) 892-3402

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Image

Finance / Accounts Department

Our Finance Department is accountable for all incoming and outgoing financial payments for the Paul First Nation. If you require assistance, please contact one of our helpful staff as listed below.

  • Finance Director:
  • Genny Bolyos
  • Senior Accountant:
  • Delores G. Rain
  • Payroll Compensation & Benefits Clerk:
  • Dineen Benoit
  • Accounts Payable Clerk:
  • Rhonda Paul

For more information please contact: